Ping and connection problems

Me and a friend have been trying to play a game online for awhile now. We tried Hamachi but we had a problem where he could ping me but I could not ping him (and so games did not work).

So since I use Comodo antivirus, and firewall i gave this a try, with the exact same results.

To test to see, I also installed it onto my laptop, my Laptop can Ping my desktop fine, but my desktop cannot ping my laptop (I believe this will rule out port forwarding as the problem? correct me if I am wrong.)

This is a clean PC with a new instal (less than a month old). I have tried Exiting Comodo Firewall, disableing it, gaming mode ect. To add another strange thing to it, I am using Comodo Firewall on my laptop also. My friend also connects to other people fine.

Any ideas?

make sure you have set up this option if windows firewall. even if you are not using it.