PIII and Athlon32

using comodo firewall
does CIS and/OR Antivirus require SSE2 these chips only have SSE and 3Dnow in amd case
2 MB memory can run 2x2mb but 32 bit only recognizes less but can use excess as ram disc
Windows 7 no longer updatable with these chips (neither is XP)

second issue firewall automatically checks for updates but manual check for update gives “cannot find file” error

Yes SSE2 is required for CAV/CFW/CIS. For file not found make sure you are not using beta server in your host file or in update settings.

if CFW is Commodo fire wall it seems to work fine
maybe I’m running an older version
I’ll check my hosts file
but what’s beta server
I’ll check update settings or just let auto updates work
I have not run this computer for 5 years maybe