pics slow to load on web pages

Just recently I have notice that pictures are slow to load on web page. At least some of them are. Some load and some have the little red x. When I shut down CPF this problem goes away; so, I must assume that it is caused by CPF. How can I fix it?

If you are using version 2.2, you need to add a seperate network monitor rule for fragmented ICMP messages. Please follow the instructions at,626.msg3865.html#msg3865

Or alternatively, you can try the BETA version which has this rule by default :,1047.0.html

Hope this helps,


Thank you egemen for your prompt and courteous reply. I tried your fix with no success. However, when I experimented using IE and Opera, I did not have the same problem. Thinking back, the only thing I had changed recently was some of the config dats in the Firefox browser to make it “faster”. When I went back and changed them to default setting, the problem disappeared. (I don’t know why Firefox worked ok when I had disabled CPF, but it did). Anyway I am back up and running and still using the CPF which I like very much. :slight_smile: