PHP site a mess

22_PHP_PHPGen.conf Makes my 3.34 ipb forums 8 or more times slower than normal. Admin tasks that I normally fly through will just sit for eternity frozen. Posting in the forums that normally takes a second or so takes 8-15 seconds. My 4.0 site is slowed down also, but not this much.

For my 4.0 IPB site, none of my session clearing tasks will run. I even set up a cron job to do this on a server level. Can’t decide if this is modsecurity doing this or if it is a software bug. Is there a certain rule that could possibly affect such tasks running? And I could try disabling it?


To find out what cause this slowdown please try to temporary disable modsecurity on your site.
This can be done through CWAF plugin (‘Security Engine’ tab, set ‘Security Engine’ value to off and press ‘Update Config’)
or by editing mod_security config file in your Apache folder, changing value of ‘SecRuleEngine’ to ‘Off’

Regards, Oleg