Photoshop continually being flagged with "Unidentified Publisher"

I am heartily fed up of Photoshop CS 3 continually being flagged by Comodo.
I can open a dozen pictures in PS CS3 and every single time I send a picture to PS, Comodo flags it up as not being digitally signed.
I tick “Always trust this file or package”, and I have added the file and the running process to Defense, and all to no avail.
I use Photoshop daily so if there’s no fix for this then Comodo has to come out cos it’s driving me up the wall.

2) Write in the title the program/file that is detected 3) Provide the name of the FP, for example : Heur.Packed.Unknown 4) Provide a link to the site of the program 5) Provide the number of your CIS database
I help you get started on this It's Photoshop CS3 -- flagged with "Unidentified Publisher" What version of CIS are you using and what AV database (You can find that opening CIS --> click on "More" ---> Click on "About" ================================================== Also, there's other ways too, to report false positives
Re: Photoshop continually being flagged with "Unidentified Publisher"
Just to let you know, modified versions of Photoshop have been known to get flagged with "Unidentified Publisher" too or if they remove adobe from defense + <---If this is the case, MAYBE (just an idea). Go to Defence + ----> Click on "Defence + settings ----> Set Defense + level to "Training Mode" for a day or so then set it back. Or just disable defence +

Have you tried giving it the security policy of Installer or Updater?

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Defense+ Rules.

Click the Add button, then Select and browse to the .exe that’s giving you the problems, select the .exe and click Open.

Then click Use a Predefined Policy and choose Installer or Updater.

Hi boristhemoggy,

According to our records, this product is digitally signed. Can you please mention the source from where the application was downloaded and also submit the detected file as false-positive to Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis ?

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Hey guys…EUREKA!

browse to defense+ Rules > Computer security policy > Trusted Software vendors > add > read from a signed executable> (locate photoshop.exe)