photos were deleted

Please help! Comodo wasn’t a good fit for me and my PC, so I decided to uninstall the program. As it was uninstalling, I noticed it was deleting my photos.

  • What happened?
  • Can I retrieve the files (maybe through a c: prompt)

Any help would be so much appreciated.

Thank you.


Whatever you do, make sure you leave your system as it is, and don’t install any software, save other files etc unless strictly necessary, every time your write files or reboot your system you lessen the chance to rescue your files.

I’m not sure which Comodo product you uninstalled and why it would delete your photo’s during it.
I have never heard of this, can you please tell us what the exact product was you where uninstalling?

To recover your files use an other PC to download a recovery tool like Download Recuva | Recover deleted files, free!
Save the portable version to a USB drive that has already been connected to your “photo” pc so it doesn’t need to install drivers for it but already recognizes it.
(portable version can be found here: Builds)

Once inserted in your system you can start using the tool to search for deleted files and after it’s finished you have the option on the top right to select “images” so it filters out all the other stuff in the display.

Now recover those images, BUT NOT TO THE ORIGINAL DISK!! make sure to save them on a different PHYSICAL disk or USB drive, restoring them to the original disk has a high risk of overwriting “deleted” files.

If possible an even better approach would be do shutdown the PC and connect the hard-drive to an other system as a “slave” so there is even less chance of writes to the disk because of the OS running.