Phising protection

When will solid protection against phishing arrive?

A very good protection against phishing and middle attach is use adblocks, you can try comodo adblock or comodo uadblock…
Same than not seem, adblocks are an excellent protection against middle attach and phishing! :-TU
Firefox now have protection similar https everywhere (too protect against phishing);

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Hello thanks for the info.
A question against man in the middle attacks is it useful to install the “Internet security essential” component included in CIS?
Is Internet security essential still functional?
Is it included in this version?
Comodo AdBlocks haven’t been updated since 2016 … I don’t know how effective they are yet …
Comodo Online Security in the tests made by does not seem to be efficient … many sites are not recognized.

“Internet security essential” protected, but the protection is kernel level;
Internet security essential is installed only with installer web:

Adblocks protect, comodo adblock not update (this leaves users unsure about installing). You can use “ublock origin”

Yes, collect of samples still slow, but others modules in comodo internet security “compensates” the slow updates of samples of phishings…

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I can only really recommend you what I have found to be the most solid protection, and that is use ‘uBlock Origin’ as your browser plug-in, along with ‘HTTPS Everywhere’. If you use Brave Browser, it comes with ‘Brave Shields’, which is actually really nice and you can configure it to utilize additional ad-block lists that come with the install. I agree that Comodo is a bit lacking in this department and it would be nice to see them update their products in this regard. Yes, the Sandbox/HIPS more than take care of any issues that could get past, but since they do have products for this, it is sad to see them be out-dated.

Will there be protection against phishing in new versions?