Phishing victim? Why? See how Comodo can prevent you from phishing attacks!

You see many emails being sent to majority of us, pretending to be paypal or our bank. The question is: when you go to your bank’s website, “How do you know it really is your bank?”. How can you verify?

Internet is a one BIG Content Serving Engine! It serves you content. It serves you graphics, text, login boxes, logos, photos and so on… its all about CONTENT!. But internet does not give you the ability to authenticate this content!

How do you know the VISA logo displayed on a emerchant is an authentic one?

That’s where Comodo has innovated an amazing little tool called Verification Engine. Its for free! Its small! and IT WORKS! (btw: I invented this little baby :))

you can go to and get it for free (free means free, forever). You can see demo of the tool here .

Its very simple. If the content is authentic/legitimate then you will see a Green Border around your screen, its as simple as that!

Now you can Authenticate the Internet!

We are committed to providing you with free but high quality Security solutions so that you can have a secure and trusted Internet experience (just my 2cents pitch for the company :slight_smile: )

So pls go ahead, and give Verification Engine a go and let me know what you think and how we can improve it. The Authentication Layer for Internet has arrived (:NRD)




You have the word organization spelled wrong when you view the demo of your anti-phishing program.


My first post in these forums!

Been using CFP for a while (having dumped most others) and happy with it (the atmosphere in here is better than in other firewall forums - oh, and the product is good (:HUG) )

V. interested in this app. for security, but my browser is Opera 9.10. Is it supported, please? I can’t see any confirmation :frowning: and, with Opera, do I need it?



Hi Peter
thanks for the feedback.
first of all, yes you would need this product no matter which browser you are using. Internet is a content serving engine. It serves us content, from logos, to login in boxes and none of that Content can be “Authenticated”. That is what Verification Engine does for you. It allows you to authenticate. This in return provides you with assurances at many level for many different things. For example: when you go to a site VE (Verification Engine) automatically verify the sites logo if they are authentic, and this would give you confidence that you are on the right site. Imagine this would mitigate the risks of phishing quite drastically.

Its yet to be compatible with Opera :frowning: we are working on it though…


Well Melih, Opera uses the wibble and reference to see if it’s been hijacked or whatever, so your system seems to be complementary to that - it uses a different route and source (IIUIC).

Whatever the ‘label’ says, I still look at the contents (if the fish and chips look like mushy peas I’m suspiscious!).

Anyway, the sooner it’s OK with Opera, the better.



P.S. It’s very good that you post in these forums. One of my ISPs is Zetnet, where the Technical Director posts, gives advice and even repairs things: cf Tiscali and M$!.


I agree. nowadays browsers have got “blacklist” based phishing that tells you if something is bad. Our approach is different in that, we tell our users what is good.
but like you said, using both gives you even better protection.


I think Opera also tells you if something is good (against a blacklist). Although you have to do this manually. Does Verification Engine download updates or does it check against your server(s)?


that’s news to me. I didn’t think they (opera) were able to verify content and say yes this is good. Can you pls find out about this more and let us know.

VE (Verification Engine) checks against our servers in realtime.


Please see screenshot below showing both Google and Comodo Forums. Btw, thanks for your reply about VE.


[attachment deleted by admin]

This is so funny!

Surely, opera knows better not to use the data from trustwatch!
read this: Trusted search software labels fraud site as 'safe' • The Register

This is too funny!


That is a little worrying although that was reported a year ago and Opera 9.10 is fairly new so hopefully things have improved since then :-. How about PhishTank? Which browser would you choose between Opera and Firefox?


Well, Its not opera that improves that feed. Its geotrust.
By all means go ahead and ask geotrust to see how they validate the entries that goes into trustwatch :slight_smile:

then come back and tell us, so that we can all laugh together :wink:

As to which browser? : I have both, but I use VE for securing me. I don’t use neither of browser’s security.


Yes, but I don’t think (hope) that Opera would use a company (GeoTrust) that wasn’t trusted. Would they? To be honest, I don’t really need (use) the phishing feature but now I’m interested in hearing how it works (whether it uses GeoTrust, PhishTank or both). I’ll do some searching.


Make sure to pierce thru the marketing fluff :slight_smile:
Good luck!
I don’t know about phishtank to be honest… but trustwatch… hehe!


Thanks for your time and advice.


Organisation is spelt with an ‘S’ and not ‘Z’ in UK English.

In American English it is written with a ‘z’. Six of one half a dozen of the other. The spelling is correct depending on how you look at it. :slight_smile:


Will the Verification Engine be of help against the new Universal Phishing Kit?

There’s an item on Heise about this:

Looks a bit worrying.


Worry not!

VE can handle all this! (:NRD)


Goody! :■■■■

Now, when it’s available for Opera… :BNC