Phishing Protection

Hi there. :smiley:

I thought that Security in Comodo Dragon would be quite high… However found it to be more open to Phishing than Firefox.

I went on a Phishing site which was flagged as a valid phishing site on and it loaded no problem on Dragon and open with all the fake login boxes all ready for information to be stolen from… However on Firefox I got…

“This web page at paypa1.*****.com has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences.”

Dragon works well and looks quite sexy, however being protected from any attacks is a MUST in a browser and will be switching back to Firefox until Phishing protection (good protection) is enabled.


Black sun

Hello blacksun1102 thank you for reporting this, i can assure you that a browser that detects all phishing websites, 100% coverage it does not exist and will never be at the rate they come up, and some of them even have SSL certificates witch makes them impossible to uncover, the only ways that a browser can automatically detect a phishing website is by verifying it’s SSL certificate and if u see one with a red lock in the Left side of the adress bar means it is untrusted and you should not enter ur data on it, Orange is ok-ish since it has partial coverage, or if you manually report it as suspicious activity so our team can have a look and introduce it in the data base so when u access it it will pop-up as unsecured and blocked form access Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis if you take a look at dragon, when you install it in the setup you have the option to use our secure DNS servers, when you install the browser it comes with the Online Security Pro witch blocks most of the untrusted websites allredy installed and when clicking on the extension u have the option to report this page, but if nobody does how can we know about all these websites, and the display of the website certificate is very well underlined in the left side of the adess bar with prominent coloring

At the end of the day it comes to the user to be careful where he introduces his data, if you see a website with a red flag, untrusted a susicious URL, redirect etc if u decide to procede it is on your own risk