Pharrel Williams - Happy [amazing 24hrs video]

Enjoy this happy and inspirational song on youtube:
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video) - YouTube .

This is the official (short) version. It is made of snapshots of a 24 hr video showing a complete day at . To my best knowledge is this the first time a 24 hrs video has been made.



I did. ;D

Every so many years Pharrell does something that totally surprises me.

First he catches something of the essence of happiness that he made into music. Then there is this 24 hr video that has me fascinated… It just makes me happy… :slight_smile:

I did some moderator magic and split off the unhappy comments. I don’t allow my topic to be hijacked… :smiley:

am i the only one having trouble viewing the video? it played for a while (not on safari so i switched to chrome), for hours last night, but today it refuses to load and I certainly havent changed any settings between last night and this morning :cry:

Hi and welcome melati,
No issues playing with Dragon or IceDragon.
Note: I do not have Chrome or Safari installed.
Try clearing your browsing data.

Kind regards.

Since approx a week the controls are no longer completely visible at . It used to work before on FF but at one point it changed. Excluding the site from Privdog is not helping. See attached image.

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