Personas for Comodo Ice Dragon

Would be a really nice idea to have Personas especially designed specifically to work in Ice Dragon browser.
(Not based on Firefox Personas)
Ice Dragon’s very own custom Personas.
This is definitely on my wish list for this wonderful new browser.
Thanks and keep up THE GREAT WORK :-TU

I second this…themes are working great but personnas are not :cry:

It says in Customizing appearance for CID Personas should work.
They still don’t. :frowning:
Themes do work great.
I’m happy about that. But, I want my Persona! :wink: LOL
IMHO this issue will addressed ASAP.
I like the developers of CID. :slight_smile:
Very nice browser. :-TU

Personas compatibility is fixed for the next release.
Thank you.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ice Dragon Version … still can’t add Personas.

So, the next release after that?

My favorite theme Red Cats Blue Flavor is back and is beautifully working with the browser. :slight_smile: