Personal Suggestion: Multiple Sandboxes

This is not a new idea. Having multiple sandboxes in Comodo has long been a wish of many users of Comodo. From V6 to V8, the sandbox of Comodo has developed rapidly. But, it’s a bit disappointing that Comodo does not support multiple sandboxes. I do appreciate if in the future Comodo will have support for multiple sandboxes for:

  1. There are some applicants that I use regularly in sandbox, and it’ does help to run them in sandbox. But when I want to test something unknown( whether they are safe or not), I have no choice but to run them in the sandbox, right with the applicants I using regularly in sandbox. That could cause troubles.
  2. It should of course allow us to reset sandboxes separately. Currently, when I want to reset sandbox, Comodo clears everythings(every processes) in the sandbox. It’ll be more convenient if I can decide which to reset and which not to.

Hello Gyaramodo,

Thank you very much for your wish report. :-TU

Hi Guys,

Any comments on this wish ?

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See Bug 493 (Multiple, separate, transferable, sandboxes, each with its own security settings).
Additionally, it can be found here.

Hope it helps.

What qmarius said, this has been a wanted feature for quite a while now! :slight_smile:

This will allow us to remove sandboxed programs individually instead of removing everything sandboxed, right?
Then +1

It would depend on how it’s implemented but generally yes if implemented in the way that users want it.

Although there should alternatively be an option to remove/clear all sandboxes with one mouse click.

;D Thank you guys for replying this post.

It’s a bit strange that I am not automatically informed of the replies to my post. But, anyway, it’s really joyful that many of you are concerned about this wish. And I hope this wish may come true in the near future for many users (fans) of Comodo are in wait of it. Wish for a better Comodo.

Already in the tracker.

I will move this one to “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.
Thank you.