Personal Opinion on how to make Comodo Better.

Now people don’t like to be complicated, I hate the word, I hate forums because I talk to much and go on rants that never end and provide no real solutions the just incure more problems then neccesary. So how did Usef get here? pain misery and long term suffering, not that I can point the fingur at anyone because I dont have any physical evidence. So what should Comodo factor in while making their products better for people like me who hate to read longer then 5 minutes on something they just plainly should not be reading on but have no choice in order to solve their problem. A button in Comodo Intrenet Premuim that links you to comodo tv giving me instant access to help, you should put a video link next to Comodo CIS download button, maybe this might create security issues having problems with adobe flash player which is my problem with my system in particular. when i install it my system literaly turns into a paper weight. HTML5 should be Comodos new focus, I like streaming my content using it, it works great and have stalled my problems from huanting me. When I go to comodo tv you need flash to play some videos but others are html5 so they work fine , flash I’m sol. When I first came to comodo it took me awhile to learn the basics but Comodo CIS is an awesome piece of priceless software that inhibited virus from moving on my system only in paranoid mode, while adobe was installed, so I learned a couple things Adobe is Evil , after 15 years on the net having that piece of god knows what on my system creating more problems then the effen chaos theory im done with it all points to adobe flashplayer. If anything needs adobe flash player I will not use it under any circumstance, and if you try to fight it, it just goes downhill from their all results end up in saying goodbye you wasted literaly a 50 years of 200000 man power or something like that, its not worth it, welcome html5 to your new home. ADOBE IS JUNK and I feel so sorry for the people who try to learn and master it. what a waste of life.

■■■■ right sir!
Flashplayer causes more harm and system crashes than I care to count.
I suggest we all send in our combined time sheets and demand they pay. A bank would demand we did. Any company would. I just don’t get how microsoft, adobe, and other such over rated companies think we owe them a thing.
I know many people who stopped buying anything legit after vista, or ME for some of them. And ■■■■ right too. the amount of wasted man hours adds up to free software and massages everyday for the rest of my life. Please send me the vouchers now adobe and microsoft. You wasted my life too!

As with the passage of time usage of mobile and other such devices are on rise. Flash player is not properly loaded on most of the mobile devices so instead of using flash player they must introduce custom players options.