Personal Firewall

I like the Idea, however Personal Firewall needs to be able to block URL’s, IP addresses, IP range, and discover program access’es with a bit more information, such as “Who-is” as well as finger, and “Trace-Route” instead of just showing the user what local program is trying to access. (EXAMPLE: C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe and C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe are both used by many programs, both local and remote.) The much needed REMOTE connection BLOCK is needed as well. (Many of us prefer NO remote access of any kind at all!.) Keep up the good work, you have a great Idea here, with a bit more work I am sure you can compete with “ZoneAlarm” and the likes! If you want to go a step further, try adding “PeerGuardian1.99(and 2)” like protection to this program. Then you will have a re’saleable program… (Please download the newest ZoneAlarm, and take a looksee at the options they offer. A little C++ and you can make yours do the same…) :-*

Hi and welcome,

For blocking by URL see here:,822.0/topicseen.html

You can block by IP, etc by setting a new network rule.


Naa, tried that b4 I posted the message. It does not work. Besides, I ment the Program should do it, not me have to do it mannually. Here is the basic’s.

Go to use the search to locate Peer Guardian, download and install PG2, run it, you will see that when you access any network connection, this program traces the activity LIVE and at that exact time, not slowing you down one bit. In PG2 there is a BAN list, and if your system tries to direct/re-direct to any one of these IP’s, it blocks it from you, and you from it.

Only thing it does not do, is do it it’s self without your help. But, it is an EXELENT addition to this Comodo firewall program, as it does not affect it in the least! (and it is like another layer of protection as well!) So for now, I’ll keep useing it to block those annoying pop’ups, pingers, scanners, and other tracker useing businesses who wish to stink up this great World Wide Web…