Personal Cloud

As a small business it would be great to have a cloud/storage/backup sever or device that you could take to any offsite location with an internet connection and plug in which would link with syncing software on the workstations for offsite backup.

The most important part would be to be able to connect to it without opening holes in your firewall, and to have point to point encryption of data to guard against “man in the middle” attacks. So even if the device/server was stolen the data would be safe.

Many small businesses just don’t trust sensitive data to internet storage, and would prefer it on our own hardware, and with PCI compliance we want to avoid open holes in firewalls.

i know your asking comodo to make this but in the meantime you should try bittorrent sync. Works very well

[b]Use your local network[/b] You don't need the Internet to use Sync. Sync can utilize local networks even if the Internet is down or unavailable. You can even set up a router in a place with zero internet access to share data over a private network.

Shortest path between devices
Sync always finds the shortest path between devices when transferring data. It doesn’t matter if those devices are across the room or across the globe. Sync can share files up to 16x faster than cloud services.

Thanks, Bittorrent Sync was one I was considering until I came across this researching it.

With sensitive business data, whether these claims are true or not, I would be reluctant to risk it.