Persistent Install Screen After Program Update

This is a problem I’ve been facing with an Asus eBook for quite a while now and I cannot find a way to rectify it and seems to only occur after a program update.

After updating Comodo Internet Security I will be presented with a small window after restart that says “We recommend keeping Comodo Internet Security up to date to prevent your computer from being at risk”.

At the bottom of the window is a checkbox that can be ticked to “Enhance my web browsing experience by setting Yahoo as my home page” etc. Naturally, I do not want Yahoo as my search engine. Or my Homepage. Or anything, for that matter - I want my settings exactly as they are.
However, no matter what I do this window ALWAYS appears after booting/restarting. I have tried selecting “skip” and “accept”. I have tried just closing it via the “X” in the top right corner. I have even tried keeping the checkbox ticked and doing all of the above. It will ALWAYS come back after I restart the netbook.

I do not have this problem with any other system running Comodo and the only way I have stopped this window appearing is to uninstall and reinstall using the latest version.

What can I do to stop this window appearing after EVERY BOOT and how can it be stopped in the future when the next program update arrives?

Thank you in advance!

Here is what I would do. I would look up the name and installation folder of the process in Windows Task Manager. Then close down the process and run Autoruns and disable the start up after you closed. When running Autoruns please make sure to let it hide Windows and Microsoft entries.