Permanent reboot after installing CIS on WHS


I installed CIS on the WHS. Now the server is rebooting constantly and I can’t reach it anymore. :frowning:
Anyone Ideas?

Thanks for your help.

What version of CIS have you installed?

Have you installer CIS via CESM console or from setup?

I have downloaded the latest version directly from the comodo homepage. The Installation was via the console using an installation-package.

So, ESM Agent was normally installed on this WHS?
Can you load in safe mode?

Both, installation of ESM Agent and CIS went well on the client.

How can I launch the safe mode?
WHS runs on the Acer Aspire Easystore H340

When does reboot start?
After connection via RDP or immediately after server start.

What about ESM Agent connection? Is it connected to ESM Serve? Or link is broken?

The reboot starts immediately after installation.

I see in the console for a short time (few seconds) that the client is connected.

Try to uninstall CIS.