Performance Issues

Hello there. Please let me apologise if I am a bit green with CF. I have been reccomended it by a friend and despite my problems with it I am willing to give it another try.

Ok my problem is simple. I got a new laptop (C2D 2.0, 2gig RAM…etc) and did a fresh install of Vista Ultimate. Straight away I put CF on it and started to install drivers. I had Defense+ on and set to Safe Train mode for everything as it was a new system to it. I waited for a fewminutes for it to look and learn at my system. When the hard drive calmed down I started to install drivers and other apps and that is when I found the performance issues. Anything I tried went at a snail’s pace and the hard drive never went above 10kb/sec consistanctly (simulating harddrive failure). Finally losing my rag I thought what could I have done to cause this. My first guess was CF and I was right. As soon as it was off the system, evrything installed at bullet speed.

Now I haven’t put it back on yet but is there something I am missing?


Did you have to install the drivers on-line so you needed to install the firewall before? Because if you were doing it off-line it would have been better installing CFP after the drivers. Anyway if you re-install it now that the drivers are already installed, it should be okay, and if you let CFP at the default clean PC mode, specially since it’s a fresh install, you won’t be asked about anything already installed. By the way to make sure that no rules are remembered, check that the registry keys in «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo» are gone or delete them.

OK that makes sense. I will rety tonight and get back to you with how it goes.

Thanks for your speedy reply.