Percentage of resident antivirus detection

Hello, I just registered the forum, I stand with my first thread and certainly more often takes part in the forum, sorry if my English is not quite perfect.
I tell my doubt, I have a few months using the Comodo Internet Security, I usually charm detection, protection modules, how light is, in addition to the short ram intake.
I have read some reviews online saying it has good detection rate in real time and other opinions saying the opposite and does not exceed the test from AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, and all the hassle that I get confused and I would like to know more opinions.

For now I am not relying on this test:

I wonder what the ratio or percentage of virus detection (real time) of Comodo Internet Security, and also if I pasarais antivirus test sites which give information on the CIS.

Thank you for your attention.

To be honest it really depends on the test.

That said, I have another question for you. Are you concerned mainly about the detection of malware, or the prevention of malware from infecting your system?

I ask this because I’ve seen many different detection statistics (many can be found here), but in terms of protecting users from malware the statistics are always right around 100%.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


I think it’s more important to prevent malware detection system for malware, but it is also important that the virus has a high level detection.
In my opnion the Comodo Internet Security is a powerful security suite which is best firewall and Defense +, but the virus would have to improve to be at par with other antivirus like Avira and Gdata for example, although I think it is very good.

Sorry if this comment is flawed as I am writing Spanish and is translated with the translator.

A greeting and thanks for your opinion.


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The detection rate of the Comodo iav s slowly but steadily improving.

On the cloud side there is a lot work happening with Valkyrie (currently in beta):

This will in the future help with better detection from the cloud.

I agree with you. The detection rate is also very important as many people may be tempted to allow a file through Defense+ if they’re not sure what they’re doing. Having a high detection rate will mitigate that problem.

That said, I believe that what CIS could improve on is compatibility of the sandbox. Imagine how incredible CIS would be if almost any program could run in the sandbox without any problems, while at the same time not being able to harm the computer. That way users would have almost no need to allow an unknown program access to their computer. It would already run fine in the sandbox.

If the need to remove unknown programs from the sandbox in order to get them to run was removed, then I truly believe that CIS would be nearly perfect. It’s at that time that additional fixes to detection could be improved, only so that it would be even easier to use.

At least that’s what I think.