Pentagon creates 13 offensive cyber teams for worldwide attacks

“I would like to be clear that this team. . . is an offensive team,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

“The teams are analogous to battalions in the Army and Marine Corps — or squadrons in the Navy and Air Force,” said Alexander. “In short, they will soon be capable of operating on their own, with a range of operational and intelligence skill sets, as well as a mix of military and civilian personnel.”

Chris Strohm, a national security reporter for Bloomberg, says the units will “focus on missions such as protecting vital computer networks from attacks, supporting combat operations and keeping the Pentagon’s information-technology systems secure.”

“Offensive team” This doesn’t bode well :frowning: I hope they are prepared for the backlash and have all the SCADA systems locked down, Americas adversaries are known to fight fire with fire.

Context. Often bloody important.

I think that you’ll find that this is a backlash (ie. fighting fire with fire)…

   [url=]President Obama upbraids China over cyber attacks[/url] []

… didn’t RT cover this? It did break yesterday in the US.

Thanks for the link treefrogs.

“The head of the United States Cyber Command says the US is developing 40 new teams of cyber-agents that will both protect America’s critical infrastructure from hackers and as well as launch attacks against the country’s adversaries.”

China will create 400 new teams in return after this news :slight_smile: But it’s funny how America is playing to be a victim here… They are not but I’m not saying that China is right either… Getting political now :-X

I missed this so thanks for the links, I can’t see any of this ending well :frowning:
strategy’s like Thisl aren’t going to help.

Didn’t you know… the US is always the victim :wink:

The Chinese ain’t no slouches when it comes to all things cyber…

Isn’t that just proving that the US is right? You can’t have it both ways with regards to the aggressor and the victim… or do you? :wink:

I think the most likely thing is that they are both going at each other, both are the “victims” of each other’s attacks. But then again I have nothing to back that up and it’s just an assumption really, but it would make the most sense to me.

I can honestly say I don’t know whose right or even if there is a right side in this situation ,here you have two massively different countries and cultures jostling for the upper hand in a world of limited resources.
I can say that in recent times the US has proven to be the aggressor in more than one foreign conflict both overtly and covertly, so by inference nation states may feel in there right to employ a semi aggressive defense when/if they feel threatened.
There is a cyber game of ping pong going on between the two countries, I just hope it doesn’t deepen into something really unpleasant.
I retract my glib statement about the US been the victim, after some thought I may have put my foot in my mouth…again :-X as I’m prone to do from time to time.
I believe I may have strayed in to the realm of politics and I apologize for this also :slight_smile: