Pending list - And Firewall stealth problem


When i install an application - i go to pending list and said i have over 1 THOUSANDS - files to review?

And there is a check box to the right? Exactly what do i do with these files in this pending list?

Can i remove them? or will my application be blocked - Because it needs all these files?

Or can i check box them all and add it to a safelist? What’s this safelist?

How about all the other files - Because first i installed winxp - and then sp3 - and then my drivers and everything else

Then comodo

So will this cause conflict for my other files?

Also - When i click stealth my pc - It has no effect

What are the best custom settings>

I PLUG DIRECTLY INTO A CABLE MODEM - So i need tip top security

Like blocking incomping tcp and udp - And block incoming icmp And whatever

Just purge and remove the files. Then switch D+ to safe mode so you no longer need to deal with pending files.

Purging your pending files will remove any files from the list that are no longer on your computer, most often temporary files from program installations. Anything left after the purge is still present, and if you check the box and select Lookup then CFP will compare those programs to Comodo’s list of safe programs (trustworthy programs, known to not be malware). Anything known to be safe will be removed from the list. The rest can be sent to Comodo to verify whether they should be added to the safe list or not.
Or you can just select all and Remove them, and you will also be down to 0 pending files. Either way, this won’t cause any conflicts.
And if you don’t like the hassle of dealing with pending files, switch Defense+ to safe mode like Vette said.

When you say clicking stealth my pc has no effect, do you mean the stealth ports wizard doesn’t run, or that your ports are not being stealthed (in response to a test like Shields Up)?

So then what is the point of the pending files list>

I am confused

Since you said even if i remove the files from the list - There still would be no problem?

So then…Uhm is it for me to check if i have a malware?

but even if i remove…It wont be a problem - So like i just removed the file form the list

Not the computer

So uhm? I am confused

Pending files are references to certain files but they are not the files themself. Comodo just cannot delete files. Clean PC mode with pending files can help you out if you ever get infected but it can also be a pain. If you remove the files all you sre doing is removing them from the list Not your pc.

If you submit the pending files to Comodo for analysis, if they are found to be clean (no malware), they will be added to the safelist database. The safelist database is used to determine whether the firewall should pop an alert or not.

If the application trying to start is in the list and is marked as SAFE, then the firewall will allow it to start. If it’s not in the safelist, you’ll get an alert. Depending on how you respond, the file COULD be added to the pending list for submission to Comodo.

The more we all submit, the better and more intelligent the firewall/HIPS gets, the less alerts we all receive.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: