pending files

i’m perplexed and dismayed at my list of pending files. i’m at 659 now, and that’s down from a few days ago. almost all of these files are from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. that’s what i don’t get. is there a way of allowing files from a specific company? i’ve looked and can’t find a way if there is one. (actually i have microsoft in the list of trusted software vendors but i think there has to be a signed certificate involved. most companies i would just include ‘as is’ without qualification. is this possible?).

i also replied to another post that made some suggestions and i’ll say one of them again here: please make it possible to select a range of files from the pending files list. right now it’s all or nothing or one-by-one clicking.


Hi thewazz,not sure if this helps but if you move Defence+ up to “Safe Mode” you will no longer accumalate pending files.
First thing to do with the “Pending” list is hit Purge,this removes files from the list which are no longer on your computer(it doesn`t remove any files from your computer,just the list)then go through the laborious task of selection which like you say is so so.


hmm, i thought the idea was to put files into a pending list until they were deemed safe by comodo but i guess that’s unrealistic.

it looks like i’ll still get alerts while in safe mode so i’ll give it a try. thanks, looks like it’ll do the trick.

(btw i do purge and it helps a tiny bit; i’m now at 706 files after playing a game i hadn’t touched in nearly a year).