Pending Files

What should I do with the thousands of pending files. They are mostly for programs I use, but there are hundreds for each program. If I say, purge all, then my computer crashes. They are such a nuisance. Am considering trying to find another firewall that will work with my Kaspersky anti-virus. (:AGY)

Errrrrrr, just delete them or even better : send them to Comodo Labs. This way you will get less pending files and questions in the future :). Working with you, for you → Comodo



First of all no reason to make a poll like this. Why don’t you ask for help first. If you don’t want pending files then use D+ in Safe Mode. Goodday. Your poll should be removed. Modders take note.

Poll removed. (:m*)

Also, I’m moving this topic to v 3 Help.


EDIT: LOL, looks like sded was faster than me, moving the topic. It ended up in Memory Firewall for a while, my mistake. :smiley:

tnx LA


If you don’t need pending files switch D+ to Safe mode.

Pending files are needed to use D+ cleanpc mode.

in Safe Mode you can get more pop ups then Clean PC Mode, But it it more safer & you can ask here if you need help adding basic rules for your basic every day programs (IM, Email Client, Browser…)- Which you can make rules to “trust”, etc like ZoneAlarm in a way but more professional.

Just let us know… :slight_smile: