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From changelog:

IMPROVED! Pending Files: - Defense+ has been modified such that it is not going to report any pending files if it is not in clean PC mode.

I have Defense+ disabled. Until v3.0.16.295 I have been able to monitor new and modified files om my computer using “Pending Files”. Very nice feature! But now, I have to use Clean PC Mode, which automatically blocks new and modified executables. I don’t want that. I just want to log the changes using “Pending Files”, but still being able to access my files without any hassle.

I understand that other users may dislike having thousands of files “waiting for your review”, even when Defense+ is disabled. I suggest you add a option like “Always monitor new and modified files”, so we all can be happy.

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Clean PC Mode does not block new and modified executables automaticallly. Clean PC mode ask you when you run them (and when they perform other actions monitored by defense+), if they are not in the safelist.

There is a discussion going on here and here. Feel free to join in the discussion.


I think it would be very useful if we could chose to enable that feature or to disable it on every possible state of slider on d+…

Well, that’s what I mean. If I have to press Yes in a dialog box or put files in a safe list there is a problem. I have no reason to do that, and that’s why I disabled Defense+. But I still want that logging.