[PENDING] AWFUL bug when uninstalling CES

From an ESM Server, install CES into an endpoint.
Within a policy, disable USB, CD/DVD, Floppy disks, etc.
Wait until policy is applied. The endpoint is required to restart.

… So far so good … once rebooted, no USB works, nor CD/DVD, etc.

Next step: uninstall CES and AGENT from that same endpoint… !!! ??? !!!

OOPS! CES is gone, but the policy remains and USB, CD/DVD are not recognized.
Now thats a bug! ;D

The only way you can fix it is to reinstall CES, remove the policy, uninstall CES.
Then the endpoint works normal. (Endpoint using Win 7, havent tested it on XP or 8).

Hi, w-e-v.

Thank you for reporting this problem.
Please answer the following questions, which can help us to reproduce this possible defect.

A) Did you try to reproduce this without CES installation (CESM Agent only)? If “Yes”, then did you get the reproduction?
B) How did you uninstall CES and Agent? From CESM console or at the endpoint?
C) After the uninstallation did you check whether both CES and Agent were actually uninstalled from the endpoint?
D) The endpoint was under Windows 7 x32 or x64?

Hi Minnaloushe,

No, didn’t try reproducing using only the Agent.

I uninstalled CES at the endpoint, using the usual UNINSTALL SOFTWARE option in windows.

Yes I did, but to be honest I dont remember if I actually uninstalled the Agent. I uninstalled CES at the endpoint and I think the “Agent” was removed from the software list.


Please advice what else you need me to do.


Did you uninstall namely CESM Agent? You may check this, for example, at the list of Services of your endpoint (look for COMODO ESM Agent service). CES and CESM Agent are two different products in the list of programs at an endpoint.

CESM server manages endpoints namely via its Agent. It doesn’t matter whether there is CES or not. If you uninstall only CES but not CESM Agent, then the endpoint is still managed by CESM and is still under its policy.

Yes I uninstalled the AGENT as well.
I did everything for a second time and guess what?
Confirmed! It is definitely a bug.

Please follow this procedure to reproduce:

  1. Install CES/AGENT to the endpoint, from ESM Server
  2. Apply the policy that disables USB, Optical and Floppy devices.
  3. Wait until endpoint is COMPLAINT with the new policy and reboot.
  4. In the endpoint, uninstall CES and restart PC.
  5. Then uninstall AGENT and restart PC.

USB, Optical, and Floppy devices are still restricted. Neither CES nor AGENT services and processes are running (task manager) but the restriction remains in the Windows Registries I suppose.


Any comment?

Indeed, in such form this looks like a known issue. We are working on it.

Thank you for reporting this.

What would be the status of this?

Dear w-e-v,

the defect has been fixed. In particular, in the current CESM 3.0 release. After Agent uninstallation and subsequent manual reboot all the devices will be available at an endpoint. One can find this notice in CESM up-to-date Release Notes.

Thank you once again for reporting this.

Where would that be?

During CESM installation process there will be Release Notes step. Also one can find Release Notes document after CESM installation at Comodo part of the programs list of Windows Start menu.