PeerGuardian Blocks Secure DNS

Just installed CIS 3.10.102363.531 with Secure DNS
Could not access Secure DNS, noticed later that PeerGuardian was blocking me with an ID for the
IP and as NeuStar.Inc in the P2P blocklist.
NeuStar is listed as the owner of all 156.154.x.x
Cleared this problem by creating a new “Allow” list in PeerGuardian as in:-

“Comodo - NeuStar.Inc”
“Comodo - NeuStar.Inc”

All is now gud

Please consider reporting this at the PG forums as a false positive. Comodo Secure DNS is not a bad guy.

I also use the the bt_level1 blocklist in tandem with PeerGuardian p2p list and
the NeuStar entry also exists in that list. I dont think that reporting it as a false positive would
do much good, I imagine it exists in a multitude of blocklists. It is simpler to just add an allow list
or even simpler still to right click the blocked item in PeerGuardian and select “Allow permanently”,
this will override the item no matter how many lists it is included in.

Putting it on the allow list is the first thing I would have done as well.

It never hurts to ask if somebody is willing to report the fp of course. Whatever solution that works for the end user is what counts of course.(:NRD)


Have now been on to PG site and reported this and the IBlocklist file (which
I believe uses the same source lists), I also pointed out that the ranges
156.154.70.x and 156.154.71.x all seem to be DNS services under different
names eg UltraDNS. Here is a little bit about NeuStar,Inc

By the way, I know that SecureDNS is not a bad guy but then I guess neither is the
BBC or FBI or Time Warner, but you may not wanna have them poking around in your


A firewall keeps the bad guys. Only for certain types of applications connecting to the web you want to filter IP’s. 88) ;D