peer guardian

hi there

i have just swopped to comodo from zone alarm problem being i use peer guardian and it seems to block everthing to do with comodo including your forum pages here are the ip addresses that it is blocking

is this a problem and if so how do i resolve it



The following (in red) is taken from the Phoenix Labs support FAQ for Peer guardian

PeerGuardian is blocking my favorite site! How do I unblock it?
Right click in the log and add it to your permanent allow list.

The URL for the FAQ is Solana Compass: Solana Staking, TPS Performance Statistics, Validator + More
The URL for the Peer Guardian forums is

hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Another option :
right-click the peerguardian tray-icon and select “allow HTTP”
this allows you to surf sites that resolve to a blocked IP but will still
block them in your p2p-app unless they try to connect on port 80 and that is highly unlikely .

( this is the correct way to do it because your p2p will still be protected .
if you add an IP to your perm-allow list ALL traffic from that IP will be allowed,
not just HTTP on port 80. some p2p-clients allow you to ignore peers with certain ports :
if yours does then add port 80 to the apps ignore-list)

but any reasons as to Y is it doing so?