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A Forbidden Video In Russia : Ukraine president Zelensky interviewed by 4 well known Russian journalists

Russia aggressor invaded Ukraine and Russia aggressor started the war against Ukraine.
Globally and politically speaking Russia is already the ultimate loser no matter how its own war against Ukraine ends.
Russia aggressor has burned all foreign friendships and relations forever.
The love and the solidarity of Ukraine people for their own country will always prevail, Russia aggressor will never be able to destroy that feeling.
Ukraine will always be the ultimate winner.
With love, Ukraine.

War is stupid, 2021 is reflex 1980;
war only generates war, never peace!
respect for the next, other (one of the 10 most important commandments)! :-TU

Horrible sadistic war crimes are being committed by retreating Russian army. Russian army on their way back is massacring, burning and raping Ukraine citizens.
As said before Russian army is the ultimate loser of their own initiated war and because they cannot cope with their own defeat they start committing these horrible sadistic war-crimes as monstrous beasts.

Russian aggressor and its monstrous army are responsible for these horrible war crimes and must be brought to justice or eliminated otherwise.

There is plenty of blame to be handed out to all sides. The PTB are pitting one side against the other with the poor people caught in the middle. Mis, dis and malinformation spread by all governments, MSM and most of alt media. All sides spinning the news. They gain more power as they create more suffering. It will get much worse until the one who has the power decides it’s time to stand up and stop it. I don’t think it will be much longer. We’ll see what happens.

Russia says it denies to have committed genocide in Ukraine.

Well, since Russia is constantly sending lies into the world about the Ukraine war since they started their own war against Ukraine we just have to believe the opposite what they say to find out the real truth.
So the real truth is that Russia has committed the genocide in Ukraine, period.

Meanwhile there is overwhelming evidence collected by world-wide nations about Russia committing the genocide in Ukraine and still Russia keeps on lying as they usually do lying about everything in their Ukraine war.
Lying is Russia’s nature and the word “truth” is not in their dictionary and so they do not know the meaning of the word.

Russia’s pride and very expensive toy flagship Moskva of the Black sea fleet rests at the bottom of the Black Sea.
A superb victory for Ukraine and an immense defeat and shame for Russia’s aggressor.
An excellent achievement of Ukraine!

Another triumph for Ukraine’s army - another Russian General has gone around the corner in Russia’s aggressor war. :-TU

Russian aggressor’s facial expression shows twitching eyes while talking.
The lunatic criminal murderer ■■■■■■■ is suffering a severe nerve breakdown. :-TU

“I prefer peace, but if trouble must come, let it be in my time that my children may know peace.” - Thomas Paine

Let it be known that the European values of rights and freedom for all children of man are defended right now in Ukraine. Let’s give them the support they need so this terrible supression will meet a swift end.

Russia’s aggressor, government and parliament is world’s biggest criminal terrorist institution.

The transgressors will be held accountable. We hope soon.

Russian aggressor kills innocent children in Ukraine.
Russian aggressor is devilish and worse than Satan.
Satan won’t ever kill innocent children.
May Russian aggressor burn in hell.

Ukraine Wins!

[b]BREAKING: Russia’s Counselor to the United Nations in Geneva has resigned.

UN Watch is now calling on all other Russian diplomats at the United Nations and worldwide to follow his moral example and resign.

[b]Read the full article on Twitter as to why he has resigned :[/b]

[b]BREAKING: Russia’s Counsellor to the United Nations in Geneva has resigned.

Boris Bondarev: “Never have I been so ashamed of my country.”

UN Watch is now calling on all other Russian diplomats at the United Nations - and worldwide - to follow his moral example and resign.[/b]

[b]Read the full article on Twitter as to why he has resigned :[/b]

Why is friendly China still watching the Russian brutal war attack on Ukraine and allowing this massacre to take place and why doesn’t do China anything to stop this bloodshed of innocent Ukraine people?
How much longer must this war continue China? Till whole Ukraine is covered with blood and dead bodies?
I don’t understand you China.

Sorry, but China is with Russia.