PDF Viewer

Pls inlcude the PDF viewer from Chromium, its helpfull viewing PDFs without the need to use Adobe etc…

The “Native” PDFViewer in Chrom[e/ium], is presently in alpha and only available on the version six editions, which is presently a developer channel release. Once it hits stable or even beta, then it should most likely be included.

ok , then i waiting for stable :slight_smile:

Well, it’s been released, and it’s not built into CD yet. What’s going on?

Like Flash, Chromium does not contain a PDF reader, thus it does not appear in Dragon.

Is it possible for one to be integrated?

Download the complete Google Chrome-installer, extract the files with 7-Zip. Copy pdf.dll to the Dragon-folder. If it does not work, go to about:plugins and disable/enable the plugin. Restart Dragon.