PDF file slow response

Hi there,
I noticed that since last week I got really slow response when working with pdf file. I found out that it is CIS which is causing this slow response. What is weird that opening a pdf file is quicker than closing (it hangs there for 3 seconds before document is closed). I use Foxit Reader v3.

What is going on? Is it being scanned by AV? Can pdf file be a virus?

My system:
Windows XP SP3 CZ
CIS 5.3.181415.1237
DB version 8023

Hmm, actually only copying pdf file is causing CIS to spike CPU. But when I open or close pdf file, CIS CPU usage is zero.

If I disable AV opening and closing pdf.file is instant. It must be something with the AV.

Is your AV set to Stateful option?

Yes it is.
for example openig of this file

takes 1 sec, closing 4 seconds. I open it again and its the same. AV is in stateful.

AV disabled. Opening and closing is instant.

Hi. I would try adding FoxitReader_Preferences.ini file to the exclusions list of the AV, this file is updated during shut down. Hope this helps. Kind regards.

This helped. Thanks.
The thing is though why did’n I notice this problem before? Is it OK to scan some INI file for 4 seconds?

Hi. I am not sure why you didn’t notice this before unless a recent update to foxit caused a different way it read/writes to that particular file. This file has 100s of small read write activities during close, and during this time the AV is trying to scan the changes. Kind regards.

This document contains, what Foxit describes as interactive form fields. I would suspect that these fields need to be checked/validated/whatever on exit and that this could easily account for the slow exit, it’s just doing more than you would expect. I’m also running the AV in the Stateful Security Level and I didn’t notice any slow exit myself.

BTW In answer to one of your earlier questions, yes a PDF file can be infected with a virus. However, I believe most, if not all, of these are aimed at the Adobe reader specifically anyway.

Last year a PDF vulnerability was found in the general implementation of Adobe’s faulty specification,
and many alternative non-Adobe PDF readers also had frantic security updates.

There was a time when Word “*.DOC” files had macro viruses and it was wiser to use *.RTF",
but I think that was broken last century.

“*.TXT” is good - I think ! !