PD 31.1

After adding a site exception in PD and save the new addition/additions so is all the exceptions gone from the list when u check it the next time Dragon is started. Have tested with re-installing the plugin and also the browser but it doesn’t make any difference. All exceptions is gone after the browser have been restarted. It’s the same thing after changing any of the ‘Threat’ options.

Hi Barough,
Do you have any cleaning programs that could be clearing the following folder?
‘C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default\Local Storage’


Don’t run any such softwares on the computer in question.

Hi Barough!
thank you a lot the the feedback :-TU. we will test and I hope we can solve the issue.

Sounds great. Looking forward 2 hear bk from ya again.

This is a rather annoying issue that i haven’t been able 2 figure out why it’s happening.

Does the latest version of Privdog fix the issue?

It’s the latest version of PD that im using, ie.

There is a newer version to be had in PrivDog released.

OK. It haven’t auto updated for some reason here then.

I’ll get that version installed 2morrow and get some feedback to ya here.

v2.1.0.19 solved the issues i had with PD earlier on this computer in question. :slight_smile: