PCTuneUp. Paid or not?

Why it is in the department free?
When correcting errors - offers to buy, or enter the key?
In the description of the program says nothing about the payment.

What does that mean? >:( Twice set, but without results. Offers buying.
Or have I got it wrong? ???
Thank you.

Well do you get 15 day trial. However for repairing your errors you need to pay(at least this what I know about this type of products). I kindly suggest to use CCleaner CCleaner Professional | Try the world’s most trusted PC cleaner, free! , since is the best free product is this area(cleaning you unused registry or temp file).

Regards RealNature,

There’s nothing about 15 days.
It immediately suggests a purchase.
Then need to write ( 15 days), rather than offer a section free.

CCleaner I have. Just wanted to see how it works.

P.S. Even if 15 days.

It must notify and work.

Looked license.
Write 30 days.
But it does not work. And at the start to work - purchase offers.
Then perhaps it should be removed from the department free.
I think so.

We download it is as free, but a product is paid.
You need to look description support that would understand.
Put then: Free Trials.
Thank you.

P.S. This is probably also need to write on the main page.

Second screenshot.


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Please moderators to move the topic to GeekBuddy.

What does the topic have to do with GeekBuddy?

:smiley: Yes that’s right Heffed! I think you should talk about this issue with the guys from PCTuneUp, really this isn’t the right place for solving your issue. No offense!

Regards RealNature,

I do not know.

I contacted support comodo and me answered geekbuddy suppor. (GeekBuddy Technical Support).
I think this is their theme?

P.S. But on the forum I have not found a place for this topic.

No, stay calm this is a the right place in the GD, but again I’m afraid we can’t help you with your issue, the best thing to do is to contact the dev. of PCTuneUp, if you fell there’s any issue with the free version.
But IMO you should stay with CCleaner. Don’t waste your time with PCTuneUp, I personally try it in the past and mess up my windows, CCleaner is the right product.

Regards RealNature,

To be honest, I have no idea. I had never heard of the application until you mentioned it. It definitely doesn’t have its own forum. Perhaps it used to be called something different? Anyway, until we find the proper place, this forum will work.

As the thread starter, you can close the thread if that’s what you want.

That’s what she did.

Yes. I think it need to close.

Thank your HeffeD and RealNature.