PCMag's Best AV for 2012, Comodo 2012......

The author mentions that he is specially waiting Comodo to update CIS to 2012 so that he can test it.

The actual words of the author

"Test results for products awaiting update

I expect to see the 2012 editions for these products over the next few weeks and months. Comodo in particular is already in my hands, just awaiting its turn on the test systems. I’ll update this roundup when the final stragglers"

OHH!! I guess he meant he is going to test Comodo 2012 i.e 5.9, right? Got me little confused.

Yes last year CIS did well in preventing malware but did very poorly in malware clean up. I highly doubt there will be any improvement as Comodo is developing CCE as a separate product and thus are not improving the cleaning capabilities of CIS.

The testers score for CIS also includes malware prevented by autosandbox or purely AV prevention?

He may as well wait until CIS 6 is unleashed :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they have quite a good cleaning utility in boclean? Hmm use cis to protect your machine (does a great job on mine btw) but if you do get infected look elsewhere!