PCMag review of CIS 4.0

Thought I’d share this review of CIS 4.0 by Neil J. Rubenking. Enjoy.

Thanks for the review, remember that right now comodo is all about prevention. In the future, they will add a behavior blocker and much better cleaning to the suite. Give it another year and see and try testing it again, I think you will be surprised. Also remember that this suite can be compared to a classical HIPS that bombards you with questions. Compared to that CIS is much quieter.

Nice read but I find it hard to take them seriously. They tout McAfee as a top notch security app. 88)

What’s the deal with the trouble with cleanup? That’s the only part of the article that really made me think.

CIS has never done well in cleanup. That’s why most people install the free versions of Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. Both of those do excellently in cleaning up infections. I actually found their review to be pretty accurate. I really am thinking seriously about going back to Norton or even just using Avast or MSE with the Windows Firewall or maybe the PC Tools one. I never encounter any malware myself, so I really don’t need all the warnings and popups when I’m trying to work with safe things

As long as the article was aimed at the novice user I also agree it was a good review.

Of course for the advanced user the number of popups isn’t a problem. From what I’ve heard the cleanup isn’t very good with CIS.

One problem I noticed is he says he was recommended to clean his computer with HitmanPro and he lists it as costing $19.95 when it actually has free removal for 30 days.

CIS has never done a good cleanup, but that will change. Their priority has been to prevent so cleanup would not be needed as importantly as a stand-alone AV.

2 architectures for Security products:

You want your security product to:

  1. Keep a clean PC Clean

2)Clean an infected PC

If you want to keep your clean pc clean, CIS is as good as it gets today in the market with novice like usability!

If you want to clean an infected PC…the best AV is the one who has the cleaning routine for the infection. And depending on the infection one AV might not be enough as multiple infections do happen.

Conventional AV CANNOT keep a clean pc clean due to their reactive nature!


I will agree on the Review in terms of clean up.

I just wish, reviewers/testing organisations would focus on “Prevention” being the main focus with internet security and testing such, instead of “How well can this AV detect this”.

Comodo seems to be doing well in the prevention aspect, now we also need it to improve its cleaning abilities so that it can be used to clean computers of users who are already infected.

Moreover given that no AV can clean properly, it would be nice if Comodo could innovate and find a way to make CTM safe for users to use. In this way, if ever CIS gets bypassed, we will still have a simple way to solve the problem.

Just my few pennies worth guys. Whilst i agree Cis clean up at present “appears” to be one of the least effective out there, it is in my opinion one of the most effective at prevention, based on my personal tests and general reviews. Effective Prevention negates the need to clean in the first place and Cis has always focused on that, as a starter.

My main point here is a lot of forum members also use the likes of Sandboxie, Returnil, and i use Shadow defender to return the pc to its original state in the event of infection. Therefore Av cleaning capabilities under those circumstances mean very little to me .However for those that use standalone Avs and dont have the benefit of Sandboxie ect i can appreciate the need for Cis to get its act together and improve its clean up abilities.This will i understand be adressed in version 4.1 amongst other improvements.Lastly the “acid like” cleaning abilities will make Cis more of a complete suite along with a behavior blocker that actually works unlike the mess Avira and Avast have made with their attempts.This makes it so important for Comodo to get this one right and test it properly before releasing it,and not invite the Comodo haters on certain forums to find something else to pull to, pieces!.


Just my humble opinion here but, I believe the whole intention of CIS is to initially keep your PC clean, and with it using as little computer resources as can possibly be spared. Now if even the novice of users can keep their systems clean by using CIS because I have seen many positive reviews demonstrating the awesomeness of it keeping your PC free from any infestation why would you even need to worry about “cleaning up” from an infection? This makes absolutely no sense to me for anyone to even question the validity and effectiveness of CIS?

Wouldn’t that be like needing to purchase car insurance when you don’t even drive?

Rog :slight_smile:

PS. In the past I have tried almost every single major brand named AV & FW and to me they are extremely burdensome on resources of your PC and secondly, who in their right mind would actually pay good money for something not as good as CIS overall in this troubling world economy?

Sorry for the mistakes if there are any in my posting but I am in a hurry. :slight_smile:

@rogerg2.100% agree with your comments.


excellent point indeed.

The education is lacking as to What the user needs and what the product does I am afraid.

A computer can be in 2 states:


CIS keeps a Clean computer Clean…

as to infected PC…which AV to use to clean it depends on the infection(s) as they might require multiple AVs to solve it or even there could be no AV to clean the infection if its a day zero one.


I agree with most of the above posts but here’s the thing; I was taught that if you’re gonna do something, do it the best that you can. If you’re gonna have an AV, make it the BEST that you can. To say “Prevention is the key, we don’t need a good AV” sounds a bit like a cop-out to me, worse still, it give other people ammo to use against the product. Instead of making excuses about the AV’s cleaning ability, say it’ll get better very soon whether you need it or not. By your logic we don’t need “acid like cleaning ability” so why are you putting it in as a feature? I’m sure everyone involved wants to be able to be proud of every single part of CIS, just as the users do. :slight_smile:

And FYI, I am not being compensated in any way, shape, or form, by my positive remarks in the concerns of CIS! (Even though that would be nice) :slight_smile:

I have just found a Suite that works and works better than the rest and keeping my PC fresh and clean from all of the “nastiest” that are prevalent in the world of the web today.

Roger :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave & Melih, but Thank You goes to you for creating and helping to create an awesome product. :slight_smile:

Worry not Watasha :wink: we will have one of the best AV and one of the best cleaning as well. Its only matter of time, our guys are on it! We concentrated on Detection for AV first… which i believe now we have achieved a very good detection rate…we have the cleaning engine already and will be pushed out soon…one bye one…its all coming :slight_smile:


Indeed, the credit goes to Egemen and his team for going the extra mile to create this awesome security product to keep tens of millions of users free from malware!


Of course but I was only referring to the comments that you and Dave had left. I totally agree though that they have done a superior job in their behind the scenes and on here in promoting, creating, and maintaining, a more superior product that we have and growing in CIS!

Roger :slight_smile:

Great. We’ll hold down the fort until then. :wink:

use CIS…you won’t need cleaning :wink:

And if there is anyone who needs cleaning…we have www.geekbuddy.com with real experts to help! No single AV can guarantee to clean all…simply NOT possible! That’s why we launched this Geekbuddy initiative.