PCLinuxOS 2007


I recently installed PCLinuxOS 2007 in VirtualBox, and managed to connect to the Internet (YAY!), and now I wonder if there’s any firewall and/or antivirus for PCLinuxOS 2007.
I know Avira works for Linux, and there’s two firewall GUI’s for Linux (Firestarter and Guarddog), but I don’t know which version to download, since I can’t find one for PCLInux.
It would also be nice with some tips on how to make it even more secure. I already know that you shouldn’t use the root account :wink:
By the way, I also seem to have problems setting screen resolution to 1024x768. It says that it’s using 1024x768, tho it’s actually using 800x600.


Firestarter should be available in Synaptic; I got it from there for PCLOS2007. Guarddog is not, tho.

As for tips to make it more secure, the easiest thing is to download install and run BastilleLinux (it’s a hardening module that takes you through a detailed “interview” about each item/change. I think it comes as an RPM package, so you’ll need to download RPM in Synaptic as well.

Sounds like on the screen resolution that you’re dealing with a video card/driver issue. I’ve had the same/similar thing happen, but haven’t ever really tried to deal with it.


Okay, thanks :wink:

Yeah, I’ll try to change my virtual graphic card :smiley:

Hey Ragwing, I’m having somewhat of the same problem there.

I was running PCLOS 2007, then I got tired of the bloated up feeling (though its nothing compared to some Windows apps I’ve seen) and built PCLOS 2008 mini me up from scratch. Great system, though their forum attitude leaves something to be desired. I just had a post deleted from there by an admin with no warning, no reason and it was a thread that was asking for help with configuring a desktop just right. Nothing like here where we delete next to nothing… Anyway, sorry for my rant.

I know clamav is in synaptic. I haven’t tried it yet but it might be something to look at. I just searched for clam and it brought up all the components it looks like you would need.

I think avast might offer something for linux but I couldn’t find it in the repositories so you may have to install that from source if you wanted it. I doubt they offer a package just for the smaller distribution like ours. I don’t know much about their firewalls.

I’m actually going to try to install Comodo Firewall through Wine just to see what happens. I’ll let everyone know here one day.


I’ve tried 2.3 or 2.4 in Wine; I couldn’t get it to do anything. That was a while back…

If you get Clamav, be sure to get the GUI, which is separate, or you’ll be doing it in command line… I think the gui is considered to be beta.

I’ve not encountered any difficulties with their forums; I’ve even bumped an old thread. Nor have I seen any obvious heavy-handedness from their admins. Some MS bashing yes, but that seems to be found on all Linux forums. :wink: At any rate, I’ve not been there that much, either, so I could easily miss any such activity.


I’ll try Wine again one of these days, I’m looking forward to the little experiment.

I think the GUI is separate, you’re right Little Mac, but I haven’t heard of any problems with it.

As for heavy handedness by admins, it seems to be all around. But hey, I use the distro and it works. My deleted post speaks for itself :slight_smile:


Well, I fixed the screen resolution now. Seems like I clicked Cancel because I couldn’t see the buttons and just did some random clicking, but this time I got it right!

Yes…I had the same in PCLOS - can’t set the res. without knowing the button and can’t see the button without seeting the res.
Doesn’t help having to reboot (XP is a bit better here).

Took me some time to find the option for retaining settings :frowning: , so wondered why PCLOS kept reverting.

Anyway, Linux now on hold until KDE4.11 - should be stable by then!

I haven’t used PCLinuxOS 2007 that much (long enough) myself but KlamAV will offer you real-time/on-demand scanning whereas most of the others only offer on-demand. Myself, I use AVG on openSUSE 10.3 (might be available for PCLinuxOS). For a firewall, I would recommend FireStarter.


I’m running avast on Mandriva (PCLOS is based on it, I guess !?) so I think it should work on PCLOS as well. It has quite an ugly GUI and no on-access scanner (like avira or avg) but it offers automatic updates and seems quite nice.
You can download the package at:

glad to hear that someone tried. I personally don’t like the Wine interface, but when someone like you experiments a Windows firewall in Linux I can only find it interesting.