PCFlank test failed

Gday guys

Just downloaded COMODO firewall after reading the reviews about how secure it all is and i tested it at PCFlank and it comes up that ports 135, 137, 138 & 139 are closed but visible to others.

I am running version and have 7 unmodified network control rules - would show them but i’m new to all this stuff and have no idea how !!

any suggestions?

Gday damo,

Firstly welcome to the Comodo forums.

CPF does indeed pass the PC Flank test, but PC Flank does do some dubious reporting on wehat actually happens.

PC Flank can report as succeeding if it passes the intercepted data to IE. This does not, however, mean that CPF allows IE to send the data. It correctly the change in data state and blocks the transmission.

Also, you should reboot after each and every leaktest you attempt. Leaktest, by their nature, are designed to ■■■■■ around with how things normally work. There is little sense in running a test that leaves your system in an unknown state and then running a second test while the system is in the unknown state and expecting valid results. Leaktest employ various methods of bypassing firewalls and some of them involve hooking the IP stack, the browser or parts of the operating systems comms layer. You really should reboot after each test.

Have a look at


This goes into a fair bit more detail.

FYI, CPF passes all known leaktests to date. All of them. It stealths all ports. All of them. It really is that good!

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Since you started your post with g’day, is it safe to assume another aussie is on board?