PCFlank Leak Test vs CFP 3 [Merged Threads]

I am using Comodo Pro Firewall version version 3.0. Does anyone know what the proper configuration would be so that the firewall will pass the PCflank Leak test? Or, can the firewall be configured to do that? Any input would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Read this and see if it helps:

Also, if you search for “Comodo+PC flank leaktest” on Google you’ll get some results :wink:


I have been using the 2.4 version since it’s inception,after removing it and installing v3,I seem to fail this leak test,wherein using v2 I had no trouble getting an alert,any reason why this would be?

Are you behind a router? if so, You’re firewall wont get scanned only your router will.

I am having the same problem with Wallbreaker. Comodo version 2.4 always alerted me not so with 3.0

Yes,I am behind a router,but the leak test is outbound,which my router is useless against.After running the leaktest i can confirm it leaked by going to their site for the result,which never happened with 2.4.

can you try Comodo leaktest? http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/cpiltest.html or even a few other leaktests to confirm or deny this.

Hello billbialis and dlhan

If you have downloaded the test and your D+ is set to Clean PC Mode the file will be automatically considered as safe unless you have a rule in network security policy blocking it.


i also failed all 4 tests with wallbreaker, after adjusting D+ settings i now fail 2 of the 4, even if leaktests mean anything, MY Comodo V3 PASSED leaktests at the following…


The PCFlank Leaktest is a POS.
I still fail it even when I physically disconnect my machine from the net.

I am however failing wallbreaker on all 4 in paranoid mode. What did you do to pass 2 of the 4?

i adjusted D+ settings to paranoid, i also agree that the pcflanktest is â– â– â– â– 

Which two did it pass, I’m still failing all 4?

it failed 1 and 2, BUT… i do not think wallbreaker is any good

After doing some leak tests I conclude that Defense+ is needed. Without it the firewall fails almost all the leak tests, including the CPIL Test Suite.

The problem is… with it on it asks permission for everything. I was trying to install something and notifications kept coming up. I had to disable it in order to finish the installation since it hangs everytime.

Thanks JJasper. I deleted Wallbreaker, then set Defense to Paronoid, downloaded Wallbreaker again. Comodo 3.0 then issued warnings about Wallbreaker as expected. Thanks for your help.

Hi Guys,

Exactly as John pointed out. That is the only reason. Alternatively, you can simply add leak tests to “My Pending Files” manually and test.

Ofcourse, you need to make sure you do not have leaktest applications learnt by Defense+ in your “Computer Security Policy”. This might happen if you ran them before making the above changes.


i passed it with the default installed settings, if you have V3 make sure D+ is enabled

after adjusting some settings i now pass every leak test i can find!

Hi could you tell me how you pass the referrer test ?
I just can’t get it to block referer requests.
thnx in advance

i passed it with the default settings, D+ was enabled