pc workstation not passing leaktest

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I had installed comodo firewall in my pc-server and not with my workstation pc and test my work station for leaks from available test in the internet. This are my questions:

  1. do I need to install comodo firewall to all my pc in the network?
  2. what would be the best configuration of the firewall in my pc server to blocked test like atelier web firewall tester if all of my pc are firewall server dependent


If you have only installed Comodo Firewall on the Server, that will not do anything to prevent the Workstations from failing a leaktest. It would on the Server, but not the Workstation, as CFP is not installed there.

In your scenario, only the Server is protected as far as things like leaktests. The client computers have network traffic protection because of the firewalled Server, but that is it.

In my opinion, each client computer/Workstation should have the firewall installed there as well. That way they are each individually protected as well as the network.

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Although this is not the Board to discussion network setup, I will give you a quick how-to…

On the Server and in CFP, go to Security/Tasks/Create a Zone. Name the zone according to what it will define and set the IP range to include all computers, networked drives and printers. Then go to Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network. Use the Zone you just created. This will add two rules to Network Monitor, in the top positions (Rule ID 0 & 1); these will Allow IP Out from Any to Zone and IP In from Zone to Any.

To set up your network to allow unimpeded communication between all machines/resources you will do the same thing on each computer.

If you want to restrict Workstation access to only the server or certain shared resources (like networked printer, drive, etc) you will need to Create a new/additional Zone to identify those specific IP addresses. Then use that additional Zone to Define another Trusted Network. This will add two new rules to Network Monitor.


I’ll add a new rule for this and see if it’ll work

thanks for the reply :■■■■