PC TuneUp - free or not?

The website describes PC TuneUp as free and there is no mention of any cost for a licence. However, when I run it, I get asked to upgrade and pay to fix the problems. Is it free or not? If it is not, please will you change your webpage to stop listing it under free products?

I thought it would be a useful add on to Comodo Internet Security, which I am trying out as a potential alternative to AVG.

Comodo Internet Security, which I am trying out as a potential alternative to AVG

In my opinion, CIS is definitely a better choice than AVG . I think you would like it.

As to Comodo PC Tuneup, it’s “free to download” and “free to try” (scan-only) !
If you’re looking for a free tune-up utility, I’d recommend CCleaner !

Wise Care 365 is a good computer clearer also. :slight_smile:

found out that this Note is buried under Main Interface page as follows


When in fact should be available from down load page for full disclosure


Note: There are two versions of the application – free and licensed. While the free version is capable of only detecting problems in your system, the licensed version is capable of eliminating them. If you are using the free version and wish to upgrade, please click the ‘Upgrade Now’ button at the lower left corner of the interface.

Optimizing a computer is not a ‘one-time’ deal – it is an ongoing task which should run at least 2 or 3 times per week. PC TuneUp costs only $19.99 per year and will help make sure your computer is kept at peak condition throughout. Please refer the section Upgrading to a Full License’ for more details.