PC Tune Up


I purchased a one year subscription to PC Tune Up last night and I have a few questions that I’m hoping someone here can help me with:

  1. Is PC Tune Up a version of the long awaited System utilities Pro?
  2. How often should I run PC Tune Up for optimal performance?
  3. While doing my research on the product tonight, I saw a link to a download for version 2.0 on CNET. The version I downloaded last night is 1.0. Should I try to download version 2.0 or does CNET have incorrect information?


Can you provide us with the url to the CNet page with v2?

Sure, here you go

The version listed in the Quick Specs is actually 2.1


Hi bobloblaw15,
To me it looks like only version 1 is available.
There is only V1 help documentation and downloaded direct from Comodo is also V1 (Screenshot).

[attachment deleted by admin]

The CNet page provides 1.0.3740.46 even though their pages says 2.1. It’s a mistake on their end.

Thank you for the verification on the version.

After doing a little more research and chatting with a Geek Buddy, I learned that the program runs on its own when my operating system starts.