PC Tools Firewall Plus Beta released

Profiles – this major innovation simplifies enormously the ability of the end user to apply customised security settings to the different types of networks which they may encounter. Users can either modify the included default Profiles or create any number of new ones to suit their individual needs.
Redesigned Network Drivers – the Network Drivers has undergone some major changes to provide complete stealth on untrusted networks, increased stability, full support for the Windows Filtering Platform and a new Vista hooking platform for the TCP/IP Network Layer.
GUI Changes – The main GUI, whilst maintaining the ‘look & feel’ of PC Tools products, has a new design layout with functions ordered more logically on the main screen. In addition, frames within individual functions have been re-designed to provide ease-of-use and display relevant information for the end user.
Windows 7 Support – Firewall Plus has been designed to support both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the latest Microsoft operating system – Windows 7

Good Friday news I read about somewhere else too and been expecting this update since the previous v.5 is not bad at all.