PC time machine=CTM?

It this true?

Don’t say no, before trying.:wink:

If you Google the developers of PC Time Machine (Anyue Technology) the likes of AYRecovery and EazFix appear on top of the results,so it’s a fair assumption that this is another clone and therefore similar to CTM. :wink:

I’ m just searching for a time machine software, working with AHCI and accidentally found this one.It’s the same as CTM.I didn’t know about that.:))So, do you know such software?CTM doesn’t work with AHCI.

To be honest I’m not sure which (if any) snapshot utilities support AHCI.I do remember reading something about FirstDefense-ISR along those lines,but I don’t recall exactly what was said. :-\


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OK. It doesn’t work for me.

Yeah PCTM=CTM - the error clones. Same boot message and stuck. Ha-ha.