pc stops durning a restart

after installing the new version of comodo sometimes when i restart my pc it stops and i have to yank the power wire out and restart it has happend 4 times now :slight_smile: can i have the old version back :slight_smile:

after 3 uninstalls and installs and reading stuff here i think got it working :slight_smile: i had to use winpatrol to turn off my antivir and antispy stuff then install :slight_smile: then i used winpatrol to get comodo first in my startup :slight_smile: and after about 2 days of starting and restarting it has not happend :slight_smile: thanks lurk (R)

I’m glad that you’ve solved your problem. I guess it was winpatrol that caused you the trouble, because I also use AntiVir, and never had any problems with it…