PC Keeps Shutting Down

Last week on Sunday all of a sudden the PC shut down. Installed SpeedFan to check the temp of the pc and found AUX was burning up. Cleaned the pc out with the dust inside it and all seemed fine. But last night about 2am the PC shut down again. Booted it up logged on and it rebooted again. Managed to extract some logs from this short period of time it was on. Was wondering if someone would be of kind enought to tell me if any thing looks not right in the firewall logs just in case. Need to rule out each possiable cause.

Also have a router attached the PC that keeps shutting down is the main pc to the router. Got two laptops connected to the router. 1 Using Comodo other not. Both seem fine.


[attachment deleted by admin]


Sounds like an cooling equipment problem.
CPF won’t just shut down your computer unless you have enabed automatic reboot of system if it crashes.
If that’s the case, disable automatic reboot.
Does it work in safe mode?
Does the computer work if you remove the router?
And is your fan currently working as it should, or is there any problem with it?
The computer will usually only shutdown itself because of overheating, if there’s some other hardware problem, it usually won’t boot(depends on what part of the computer that isn’t working).


Cheers for the reply. Its what i think is the problem is the system is not being kept to cool. Got SpeedFan installed to keep an eye on it and AUX does get hot. Which i I think is the cause. However I just wanted to rule out any possiable problem with the Firewall.

Ive now turned of the Automatic rebooting as a friend advised me and he said i should get the BSOD if it happens which will explain whats wrong. All fans work fine. Maybe need something else to cool the AUX. Only thing is dont know where Id put it!

Cheers to the help.