Pc changed by malware

Hi I’m posting this for a mate of mine. The problems are a driver wizard matshita appears on boot up, desktop icons are enlarged and out of focus also the taskbar icons similar. Whilst online all text is stretched and scrolling is jagged. I did let a guy called Tom from comodo access his pc but problems are still there.

I notice the driver name has been censored but this is the name of it when i look in properties of the driver icon in the taskbar

Hi stuartm

I suspect the censored word was excrement… as in Matsh!ta (the forum’s auto-censor can be equally amusing & annoying). Which suggests, to me, that it’s possibly a CD/DVD drive. Does he have such a CD/DVD drive? Might be badged different (ie. Panasonic). Anything changed, in terms of hardware (including driver installs), recently?

I’ve not previously heard of the symptoms that you’ve described… but, that doesn’t mean much, since I’m not a exactly a Malware expert. However, jagged/staggered scrolling… with other visual artefacts might imply some sort of video related issue or, perhaps, high CPU load.

Did Comodo’s Tom report anything or did they not find anything?

Also I should probably move this, with your approval, to the Free Virus/Spyware/Trojan/Malware Removal by Comodo Experts section… since I believe you have attempted to use this service & Comodo might want to know if they missed something.

Yeh no problem with moving this issue. He has got a built in dvd/cd on his laptop acer. Tom said if problems remain get in contact which i will do when my mate loans me his pc. I tried several scanners to remove malware SAS,BOCLEAN,MWB,ST,AVAST,S+D and eset online. Result 11 virus, 200 different malware

OK (moving during this post).

Wow… 11 Viruses & 200 items of Malware. That’s a lot. :o Surprised the OS was still functioning.

You could also try a-squared Free. I believe that detects & removes quite a bit, but watch out for false positives & the trivial warnings.

Where these scans done after Tom had accessed the pc?Did Tom mention anything about removing Malware?

Yes wow my mate thought having avg antivirus installed was enough protection plus he never ran a scan.Yes I told Tom I had removed malware I too was supprised his pc booted because it was blue screening every boot up and scan it took me 15 hours to stop blue screens(not continuous)

There are more online scanners, such as BitDefender, Kaspersky, House Call (Trend Micro), Symantec, McAfee, F-Secure and alot more. There are also free stand-alone scanners. Why not give those a try?

Also, if all that fails to detect or to remove, then give Trend Micro Hijackthis a try and perhaps post the log in here (if it’s ok for the moderators).

Yes I know of all these scanners but its not my pc so i dont have 24/7 access to it. The main problems are a driver wizard (cd/dvd) appearing on bootup then leaving an icon in the taskbar, enlarged out of focus desktop, taskbar icons and jagged scrolling on ie7 with enlarged text.I was thinking about uninstalling ie7 then reinstalling it.

Have you checked the DPI settings in control panel/display/settings/Advanced.The 120 setting can make all the icons look weird.Worth checking.

As soon as i go to my mates ill give it a try or talk him through it although i think its set at 96 thanks

Reminds me of a case a friend of mine had, he tried calling acer support and set up a remote desktop for help. which crashed acers servers and computers, i laughed so hard i allmost crap’d my hearth out.
i scanned his pc, found like 700+ viruses, 100+ trojans and about 3500+ spyware, tracker cookies and other stuff.
first had to use portable scanners since he’d lost the administrator privliges on all his accounts. to get them back and an internett connection. then i installed like 5 antiviruses and some antispyware/malware scanners. to try to remove most of it, had to remove alot of them manually since they weren’t detected by the antiviruses. (i could have told him he could format everything then reinstall windows, but I like a challange)

his computer was one of those worst case scenarios. I was amazed we could even log on to that computer. took alot of time to do stuff with it though.

but enough about my stories, what kind of OS is on it? and what type of computer is it?

Acer laptop xp2 512 ram no probs now he got rid. I like you wanted the challenge to clean & repair his system ah well. He’s now got a desktop vista which recently he made wireless guess what he hasn’t got a wpa code I othered my help still waiting. Also he let me access his email cos he wanted the nod32 license he purchased after quick look in spam xp antivirus 15 counts, spybot 2009 10 counts & martha hernandez (panama) 1 count told him to delete they’re still there oh well some people wont listen.