pbeagent.exe -- Comodo Firewall refuses to remember selected action

This is something odd. I’m running APC’s PowerChute Business Edition to monitor my UPS. The main running process is pbeagent.exe

On a regular basis, Comodo Firewall pops up a box asking for permission to let pbeagent.exe connect to It doesn’t matter what I choose for the action. I select the option to remember my choice, but Comodo seems to ignore that. A while later, there’s the Comodo box asking for me to make a choice.

I’ve updated PowerChute Business Edition once since the original install, but the new version made no difference.

The only oddity I can find is that the path that Comodo uses for the APC executable contains an 8dot3 (short) filename in place of “Program Files (x86)”:
C:\PROGRA~2\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\agent\pbeagent.exe

I’ve tried creating a separate rule for the executable using the long filename format:
C:\Program Files (x86)\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\agent\pbeagent.exe

I’ve also tried, within Comodo’s Network Security Policy, giving both path versions of the program explicit permissions to do everything, but it makes no difference whatsoever. The Comodo popup continues to appear. I’ve verified that the file pbeagent.exe is exactly as APC provided and is not infected or modified in any way. It’s the only process that causes Comodo Firewall to act badly.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? If you were able to solve it, how did you do it? Thanks.

Problem solved! :slight_smile: