Pb synchronising data from several PCs with online cCloud...


I have no problem uploading files online via https://app.ccloud.com/#signin

However, they don’t appear in my local PC folder “XXX[at]gmail.com’s Online Sync”, and (in the other direction) the files I place in my local folder aren’t synchronised and so doesn’t appear on https://app.ccloud.com/#signin

I have the same problem on several computers…
…and on each one the folder “XXX[at]gmail.com’s Online Sync” (and the files it contains) has a little yellow circle with a black “!” inside (on the folder and files icons) !? It seems that cCloud local program is aware of a problem, but I have no clue of what it is !?

Of course, I verified on each PC that I was correctly logged in : it seems to be the case (the cCloud icon is colored, not grey)

Does anyone know the problem and/or the solution ?

Best regards.