Pay $$ for AV but still get infected and you still have to clean up?

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Yes, it is a bit of a forlorn hope to believe that you can prevent malware from descending on your system forever. If I had been unlucky enough to have had zero-day malware supplied by an extraordinary kind of attack, I would probably have had to re-install. I just read that a hacker or hackers registered about 40,000 pages that supplied trojans and other attacks on Google and then used a bot net to raise the ratings of those pages so that they appeared as one of the first few hits for many common searches. I was looking for an older version of a spyware scanner, and happily downloaded a file and started to install it when BOClean stopped the process. If it was an unknown infector, I would have been out of luck. To see how bad the current crop of malware can be, look at
for a description of how you can be caught and how hard it could be to fix the problem. I particularly like the way the vast majority of security software is just shut down and even some security software just has its elevated privileges hijacked. The problem with trying to repair the problem is that you cannot connect to the internet to download tools to fix the problem. An existing repair disk would have to have an update or a record of the hard drive’s structure to spot the baddies and remove them. This kind of attack is at least obvious. There is the possibility that novel infectors may be able to remain undetected by any currently known means. What you can’t see you can’t fix. There has already been a proof of concept infector released that makes this claim.

I enjoy the humor you interject into your blogs.

AV-Smart seems to me to be along the lines of an extended warranty for CFP. My view on extended warranties is that if I buy them, I am “betting” that the product I just purchased WILL break during the covered period and the warranter is “betting” that the product WON’T break during that period. If that product doesn’t break during the covered period, the $$ paid is “free $$” to the warranter. I also expect that the warranter has a better grasp of the odds of breakage than I do.

Following this line of thinking, it appears to me that Comodo’s AV-Smart is a way of saying that Comodo is betting that their products are more likely to catch and neutralize nasties than to miss them. This assumption is based upon my personal experience of recovering from infection and the time/$$ expended to get my system back to operational. It sure cost me more than $79 (USD) to get my computer back.

I think AV-Smart is a great program for Comodo to offer. It really will help add “peace-of-mind” for many people. I also hope that the profits from the program are enough to fund continued work on the wonderful products you and your team have put out FOR FREE!!! I agree whole heartedly with the notion of “the cost of prevention is far less, in the long run, than the cost for cure”!!


Thaks for the post Ralph

Accountability is very important when you provide a service. In the world where AVs miss a good chunk of new malware people relying on these technologies with no recourse of remediation is, in my opinion, not fair to end users.

Of course there is no 100% security, but we come pretty close to it (:NRD), hence we can offer this piece of mind of “no more malware” deal with concept to our end users.

I really hope other security vendors will follow suit so that the real winners will be the end users who will have malware off their list of worries.


Melih: I have been using all your (Comodo ) products now for a couple months and just wanted to tell you they are all a nice piece of work.I don’t need all the layered protection now that I was using.Just wanted to tell you thanks. Larry from Nebraska (R) :-TU


People pay m$ a small fortune for
Trojans and

and now you are gonna sell them a anti-virus insurance ?
How much you plan on paying for a virus-infection ? What I mean is “Can i make a living infecting myself ?” ;D

You are very welcome Larry :slight_smile:


On the customer support side of paid software, you as a consumer has more leverage against the company because u PAID for the software. Now most free vendors are complete crap when it comes to customer support. Why? Because there software is free, they don’t care. Obviously this ISN’T the case with COMODO they are infact quite good with support.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Whats the point of building a product and not standing behind it?

We totally support our products!