password protection crashes firewall & scanning for safe files does nothing

WXP_SP2 eng (32bit)
Amd Ahtlon Xp 3000+ [ at ] 2,4Ghz (32bit), mem 2gb
CFP versio
Kaspersky Av 6.0
BoClean 4.25

if i enable password protection it crashes computer when i click anything it ask password for.
Doesent matter if i put the password or click cancel CFP goes allways down.

Scanning programs for safe list does absolutely nothing. It still whines about absolutely everything explorere.exe, winlogins, BoClean…

My ad-aware 2007 also stoped working after installing CFP and if i shut it down it still doesent work so hehe guite intresting.

Jep after uninstalling CFP ad-aware 2007 works again.