Password-Protect Settings?


New on these forums, and have been using COMODO Firewall for almost a month now. Its great, after playing around with the settings. (V)

Anyways, my question is, is there anyway to Password-Protect your settings? Basically to lock all of your preferences that needs a password change.


Welcome to the forum! It is great!

Yes! Upgrade to version 3! (So far the latest is in a beta version, though).

Sorry I had to annoy you with the all quotes and exclamation marks.

Thanks for the reply. How stable is the Beta v3 to upgrade to? Also, will I loose my settings? And finally, when is the stable, full official release of v3 scheduled for?

BTW - loving the sig - Bleach, Death Note, & Naruto FTW! (:KWL) Watch Claymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Beta’s stability is really a different ride for everyone so far. Only you can answer that yourself :). Yes, you will lose your settings if you upgrade. As always, you have to first uninstall the current version before installing a beta. If you decide to try it out make sure to create backups first.

Claymore is something I’ll save when it’s completed. Watch Code Geass


Well, I made a backup of my settings today using the Script on these forums, since I wanted to try out a few other Firewalls. COMODO is definitely the most user-friendly and cleanest interfaced firewall, so I’m going to stick with it for now (B)

Ill try out the beta tomorrow, hopefully it won’t disappoint.

Ill check out Code Geass, but I won’t watch it until Claymore is completed. Have too many series going on atm. Check out One Piece - nice break from all this serious anime :stuck_out_tongue: (ONE PIECE OWNS :BNC)

As long as you don’t encounter the BSOD, the only draw I’ve seen reported is that it’s not as user-friendly since there are to a lot more options and things to re-learn. I don’t know if the beta has pass protect yet.

One Piece is on my list to watch. I don’t know if my pc can hold 320+ large files at a time.